What Are The Steps Involved When Trying To Obtain Long Term Disability Benefits?

14 December 2019
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A serious injury or medical diagnosis can require a person to stay home instead of going to work. When you have an injury or condition that causes you to become disabled and unable to do specific things, long-term disability benefits are an option. This type of disability benefits provides individuals with a portion of the income they would have continued earning at work if they hadn't gotten an injury that has made it impossible for them to return to work. Read More 

Sexually Harassed On The Job? What Measures You Can Take

19 November 2019
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The "Me Too" movement brought to light the number of women who are sexually harassed in the entertainment industry and in other job fields. With so many women stepping forward to share their truth, the "me too" movement empowered many women to do the same. If you have been sexually harassed at work, you may wonder what your rights are and you may even feel intimidated about reporting the incident. To help you feel more informed and to make sure you understand your rights this article will take a closer look at a few measures that you should take. Read More 

Are You The Victim Of A Ponzi Scheme? A Securities Attorney Can Help You

21 October 2019
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No matter your profession, you have worked hard for every dollar that you earned. So, the discovery that someone has misled you and taken your money for their personal gain is heart wrenching. This scenario is all too common these days and is often categorized as a Ponzi scheme. If you've fallen victim to this type of scam, know that the practice is illegal, and a securities attorney might be able to help you. Read More 

3 Social Media Actions That Could Complicate Your Divorce

24 September 2019
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Social media has become such a normal part of modern society that many people can't imagine going a day without logging on and posting a new status. Social networking via online sites can be a great way to keep in contact with friends and family, but your participation in social media could have a negative effect on your divorce. Familiarize yourself with these three seemingly innocuous actions you may be engaging in on social media platforms to protect yourself against divorce complications. Read More 

Reasons To File A Workers’ Comp Suit After Being Injured

20 August 2019
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In an effort to catch the attention of motorists, many business owners will ask one or more of their employees to hold large signs outside — often on the sidewalk or elsewhere near the road. These signs, which often advertise walk-in specials and other deals, may be effective at drawing people into the business. If you're an employee of a business and you have experience holding one of these signs, it's possible that you could fall or be hit by a vehicle — resulting in a serious injury. Read More