What Are The Steps Involved When Trying To Obtain Long Term Disability Benefits?

14 December 2019
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A serious injury or medical diagnosis can require a person to stay home instead of going to work. When you have an injury or condition that causes you to become disabled and unable to do specific things, long-term disability benefits are an option. This type of disability benefits provides individuals with a portion of the income they would have continued earning at work if they hadn't gotten an injury that has made it impossible for them to return to work.

Find Out If You Can Apply Based on Eligibility Requirements

You need to know if you meet the eligibility requirements before you spend your time hiring an attorney and completing the necessary application with your employer. You may be eligible to receive long-term disability benefits when suffering from at least one of the following health issues:

  • Serious back pain that makes it difficult to lift, stand, or sit for too long.
  • Arthritis that limits mobility and causes discomfort
  • Cancer
  • Severe depression that has drastically impacted your work and way of life

You can apply for long-term disability benefits for other medical-related issues, too. The best way to make sure you are eligible for long term disability is to talk to a lawyer.

Talk to a Long-Term Disability Lawyer

Make it a priority to speak to a long-term disability lawyer about your current health status and difficulty with completing various tasks. A lawyer will go over the symptoms you experience and any diagnosis you have received while letting you know if you would be able to receive long-term disability benefits. If you qualify, the lawyer will proceed to assist you with completing the application.

Complete the Application and Submit It

You must get an application from your employer after letting your employer know what you plan to do. You may not know how to complete the application, but your attorney will make sure you do it correctly by answering all questions accurately and submitting the application with enough evidence. Although evidence varies from person to person, it may include copies of your medical details, such as the diagnosis from the doctor, a list of medications you currently take, and a list of things you were advised not to do by your physician because of your medical condition.

Collecting long term disability may be necessary when you are injured or diagnosed with a condition that makes it hard to work. If you get long term disability benefits, you can collect a large portion of what you would have earned at work for an extended period. Some people receive these benefits for 10 years until they reach the age where they can safely retire. If you need to apply for the benefits, hire a lawyer to walk you through your application to make sure you get it all done the right way.  

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