When You’ve Been Injured In A Truck Accident: Liability And The Importance Of A Truck Accident Lawyer

21 March 2023
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If you have been injured in an accident with an 18-wheeler or semi-truck while driving a car, it is likely that your injuries are extensive. If the driver of the truck was negligent, it is important to prove this negligence as part of your personal injury claim. Because the driver was on the job, a truck accident injury attorney will have the experience you need to identify who is liable for your injuries. Read More 

3 Myths That Can Affect Your Personal Injury Case

16 February 2023
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Personal injury victims often experience painful injuries and substantial medical bills. However, many people are reluctant to contact a personal injury lawyer and pursue a personal injury lawsuit. Sometimes this reluctance is based on myths or misconceptions surrounding the thoughts and processes of their potential case. These myths can cause more hurt, harm, and injury. Here are a few myths your personal injury attorney can help you put to rest.  Read More 

4 Situations Where A Company May Be Required To Hire A Securities Law Attorney

17 January 2023
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When a company needs help in handling securities law issues, it may be time to hire a securities law attorney. A securities law attorney is responsible for advising companies on their legal rights and obligations concerning public offerings of stocks or bonds, compliance with federal regulations governing such offerings, and other matters dealing with financial instruments. Here are four situations where a business should consider hiring a securities law attorney. Read More 

Graduating Law School? Why You Need To Hire An Attorney Recruiter

16 December 2022
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If you're getting ready to graduate from law school, now's the time to hire a recruiter. You might think your law license is all you need to find a job as an attorney. That's not the case though. Competition is tight for legal positions. This is especially true when you're starting out in the profession. That's where an attorney recruiter comes into the picture. A recruiter acts as your representative while you're conducting your job search. Read More 

Circumstances In Which Doctors Might Injure Patients During Surgery And How To Sue Them If They Hurt You

21 November 2022
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Most surgical procedures are successful and help save lives in situations where other forms of treatment may be ineffective. Unfortunately, after surgery, some patients develop complications instead of getting better. This may be the case because a doctor made a mistake during the procedure. Patients who suffer harm caused by surgical errors have a right to sue the negligent doctors and demand compensation for their losses. This is more so if doctors make the errors discussed below when performing surgery. Read More