Is There Any Way To Keep Your License After Being Accused Of Drunk Driving?

13 December 2017
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Being arrested for a DUI is a scary, disruptive experience. It may not be the first thing on your mind, but an administrative license suspension that results from a DUI can be incredibly costly, could impact your career, and makes life much more difficult than it needs to be. While most people are focused squarely on limiting the criminal penalties that they experience after a DUI arrest, those who work with a skilled DUI attorney are likely to find that they can take certain timely steps to keep their license or have it reinstated months before it otherwise would be restored by the state. Read More 

How To Properly Handle Racial Discrimination At Work

15 November 2017
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Are you being discriminated against in the office because of your race? You may have recently started working a new job and were excited about the position until you realized some of your coworkers thought it was appropriate to treat you differently because of your race. Some of your coworkers may be harassing you, using racial slurs, and making you feel uncomfortable with their suggestive behavior. Not only do you have rights as an employee, but it's important for you to hold these individuals responsible for what they're doing. Read More 

The High Cost Of Distracted Driving

20 October 2017
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"Distracted driving" used to be the person who swerved to miss hitting an animal, fell asleep at the wheel, or tried to put on makeup while driving. Distracted driving has become so much more complicated since technology (e.g., phones and "phablets") went mobile. The state of Nevada only very recently enacted laws regarding distracted driving and mobile devices. Still, if the laws were not enough of a deterrent, the resulting costs of this type of distracted driving should be. Read More 

Rainy Day Blues: Car Accidents And Rear End Collisions

30 December 2016
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Accidents can occur at any time, but when it rains and roads get wet, drivers are at an increased risk of being hit. Regardless of road conditions, drivers need to stay aware of the weather and road conditions and adjust their driving accordingly. If you have been involved in a wet road related accident, read on to learn more about safe driving and your liability in an accident. Wet Road Hazards Read More 

Injured On The Job? Avoid These Common Errors Employees Tend To Make

13 December 2016
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Your employer has a responsibility to ensure they carry adequate workers compensation insurance, which covers the costs associated with workplace accidents. Even though most employees do know this, they often make big mistakes if they get hurt on the job. Unfortunately, big mistakes after an injury can mean you are left to deal with the injury and the costs of an injury without any help and this is definitely not a good situation. Read More