How Can Family Lawyers Help In A Paternity Case?

30 August 2022
 Categories: Law, Blog

Are you trying to prove paternity for your child? When a father disputes paternity, the child's rights can be affected. A family lawyer can help to protect the child's best interests and ensure that their needs are met. This includes making sure the child has access to both parents, as well as ensuring that the father is financially responsible for the child. A family lawyer is crucial in such a case to ensure different rights are protected. Here are several ways family lawyers can help in a paternity case:

1. Initiating Communication About the Paternity 

Your lawyer can help initiate communication about paternity and can provide a neutral ground for discussion. By opening up the lines of communication, family lawyers can help bring clarity and understanding to a disputed paternity situation. In addition, a family lawyer can help explain the legal ramifications of paternity testing and can guide how to proceed with further legal action, if necessary. 

2. Petitioning the Court for a Paternity Test

One of the most common reasons for a family lawyer to get involved in a disputed paternity case is to petition the court for a paternity test. In many states, if there is reason to believe that a child may not be biologically related to the man who is listed on the child's birth certificate, either the man or the child's other parent can request a paternity test. 

The results of the paternity test can then be used to determine whether or not the man is the child's father. In some cases, the paternity test may also be used to help establish child support obligations.

3. Assisting With the Child's Birth Certificate

In some cases, the father's name may not be listed on the child's birth certificate. If paternity has been established, a family lawyer can help to add the father's name to the birth certificate. This is an important step, as it ensures that the child has a legal relationship with both of their parents.

4. Filing for Child Support Enforcement

If the father is found to be the child's biological father, they may be required to pay child support. In some cases, the father may not voluntarily pay child support. If this is the case, family lawyers can help to file for child support enforcement. This process can help to ensure that the father is held financially responsible for the child and that the child receives the support they need. 

Every child has a right to good care and a paternity test is a great tool to ensure a child receives deserved support from the father where provable. Consult a family lawyer for more information on this delicate matter.