Marriage Dissolution: Complex Issues That May Crop Up And How To Navigate Them

7 July 2022
 Categories: Law, Blog

Most marriage dissolution procedures are manageable, and you can handle them without getting legal help. However, you may consider enlisting the services of an attorney when navigating a complicated divorce. You have a higher chance of avoiding costly mistakes when you work with a legal advisor dissolving your marriage. Their assistance is essential if the following complex issues crop up in your divorce.

You Can't Agree on Who Will Keep What

You and your spouse should work together to decide how you will share your marital property. The process might be manageable if you had not acquired a lot of property together. However, deciding who will keep what can be challenging if you have many assets. In this case, consider hiring a lawyer to formulate an agreement that will enable you to split up your assets in the most equitable way possible. In addition, your lawyer will ensure that you and your partner get assets that will allow you to enjoy the standard of life you were used to while married.

You Can't Agree on Parenting Time

Children's issues mostly complicate marriage dissolution because parents do not want to relinquish their parental rights. However, it is possible to work out a parenting plan that will allow you and your ex-spouse enough time with your kids. You only need to enlist the services of a lawyer dealing with divorce issues. They will calm down raging emotions to enable you to have an amicable solution to all the contentious issues. Your legal advisor will then draft a parenting plan that will protect your rights as a parent.

You Can't Agree on Support Payments

Typically, the parent who spends less time with kids should pay their partner monthly support. They cover the cost of caring for the children to enable them to live a comfortable life even after the parents separate. People who receive the child support funds should use them to buy food and ensure that the kids get quality healthcare services. The payments also enable parents to provide quality shelter, education, and any other necessities the kids require. Determining the child support payment a parent should pay is complicated, making it necessary to hire a lawyer to help determine how much you should get. They will review your partner's financial records and examine your children's monetary requirements to determine the monthly amount they should pay.  

Contact a divorce attorney if the complex issues above crop up in your divorce. They will use different strategies to enable you to navigate them and get the best result in each case.