Unique Evidence Your Legal Advisor Will Gather to Prove Your Commercial Vehicle Accident Claim

9 June 2022
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If you're involved in a collision involving a semi, you may be entitled to personal injuries compensation from the truck driver or their company. However, you must provide evidence linking the wrongdoer to the crash. It must also demonstrate that they were directly responsible for your injuries and damages. To collect all the evidence you require to enable you to win your case, you need to start collecting pertinent information as soon as possible after the collision. Working with a truck accident lawyer is the best way to enable you to get the following unique evidence to prove your claim.

Black Box Data and Dashboard Camera Footage

Black box data aids to prove the facts of the case. For example, it will enable your lawyer to determine how fast the trucker was driving the semi during the accident. In addition, the data will indicate how long the drivers had been driving continuously without a break and whether they took any measures to prevent the crash. Your lawyer will also get video footage from the dashboard camera. It will help show what the driver was doing exactly right before the accident.

Maintenance and Inspection Records

Trucking companies are required to keep their semis in good condition. Failure to do this is an offense, and the company should take full responsibility when a truck causes an accident after developing a mechanical fault. Your lawyer will request the trucking company to provide maintenance records to determine whether they have been maintaining the truck as required. Truckers must also inspect their big rigs before they start their trip. Your attorney will require the inspection report to determine whether the truck had any mechanical problems that needed repair before leaving the business premises.

Alcohol and Drug Test Results

Getting behind the wheel while intoxicated is a criminal offense. Therefore, the police may undertake several tests after a truck accident to determine whether the driver was intoxicated. Your legal advisor will obtain the alcohol and drug test results to determine whether the driver was driving under the influence.

The Trucker's Personal File

Every trucker needs to have relevant, up-to-date qualifications and licenses to operate a big rig. Besides this, the drivers must be physically fit to operate the semi for the number of hours they are on the road. Your lawyer will get the trucker's file to determine whether the driver who caused your accident was qualified and fit to drive a commercial truck. They will also find out whether the truck driver suffers from any medical condition that could have led them to cause the crash.

Your motor vehicle accident lawyer will want to have as much information as possible to help them build a strong claim. They will collect the necessary evidence above to enable them to prove your truck crash claim. For more information, reach out to a firm such as Endres Law Firm.