3 Reasons To Consult A Workers' Compensation Lawyer

7 December 2020
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Workers' compensation claims aren't always straightforward. If you had an accident or injury at work, then you might think that you have a case but you might not know how to move forward. Or, you might be having problems getting the compensation you deserve.

If you are having problems, then it's worth talking to a specialist workers' compensation attorney. When is this a good idea?

1. You Aren't Sure if You Have a Valid Claim

While you might understand the basics about workers' compensation, you probably don't have in-depth knowledge about the claims process and how the system works. You might not be sure if you can claim on your coverage at all. In some cases, people ask their employers for advice and then decide not to go ahead. Some employers might try to discourage workers from claiming compensation because they're protecting their own interests. Sometimes, an employer gives the wrong advice simply because they don't understand the system. For example, if you have an unusual or complex claim, then your employer might assume that you can't use your coverage.

If you aren't sure whether you are due compensation, then a lawyer can help you out. They can assess your case and tell you if it falls under your coverage conditions.

2. You Want Help Filing a Claim

Knowing that you technically have a case doesn't mean that you'll get a compensation payment. If you don't complete all the paperwork correctly or don't submit the right supporting evidence, then your claim might be turned down. Or, you might get less money than you expected. So, it's important to make sure that you file the correct paperwork that contains all the relevant details about your injury. If you're worried about getting this right, then a lawyer can help. They know exactly what you need to do and can help you do it.

3. Your Case Has Gone to a Hearing

If your workers' compensation carrier rejects your claim or pays out less than you think you should get, then you have the right to appeal. This typically involves having a hearing before a specialist judge. If you get to this stage, you should seriously think about taking legal advice. If you have a lawyer who has worked on these kinds of cases by your side, then you have a better chance of winning your appeal.

For more advice on what to do next, contact a workers' compensation lawyer.