3 Situations To Hire A Real Estate Lawyer As A Commercial Property Owner

3 March 2019
 Categories: Law, Blog

Your position as a commercial property owner can bring about challenges that regular property owners just do not have to typically face. Therefore, there can be a lot of situations when you will need to seek legal counsel. Finding a lawyer who is skilled in commercial real estate laws will be highly important if or when you do need legal assistance. Take a look at some of the situations when you may need the help of a commercial real estate attorney, like those represented at http://www.clgnc.com/, when you own a piece of commercial property. 

You need to create a new lease agreement for your commercial property. 

Leasing commercial property to a commercial tenant is a tedious process that involves detailed contracts, incorporated stipulations and contingencies, and a lot of red tape to contend with to keep you and your property protected. Drawing up these contracts on your own is daunting and time-consuming, and there is a lot of room for legal mistakes that can bring you woes down the road with your commercial tenant. Bringing in a law firm who is well versed in commercial real estate contracting and leasing policies will help ensure the contract you create for the new lease covers all the angles that need to be covered. 

You are having issues with the restrictions on your property and need them removed. 

Businesses, especially large-scale commercial operations, are an ever-evolving thing. Therefore, there are often some restrictions on a piece of commercial real estate when you buy it, but and you may run into problems with those very restrictions later on. Restrictions placed on commercial properties can be really hard to have altered or amended on your own without legal help, but a good commercial real estate lawyer can definitely help you get something accomplished. 

You are facing a liability lawsuit filed by a government agency. 

Sometimes it can seem that legal problems are more prevalent for commercial property owners, and facing claims filed by these agencies is definitely scary. Whether it is some kind of community government agency or a federal agency that has filed a suit against you, it is best to bring in the counsel of a commercial real estate attorney. If there are disputes about your liabilities as a property owner, these skilled attorneys can help make sure you get the fairest representation in your case and see the best possible outcome of the situation.