Common Concerns People Have Before Filing A Personal Injury Case

21 July 2018
 Categories: Law, Blog

If you are injured due to someone else's negligence, the law allows you to sue that person or company for damages related to your injury. Such lawsuits are called personal injury lawsuits, and they are presided over in civil courts. To file a personal injury case, your first step should be to meet with a qualified personal injury attorney. Contact an office like Steele Law Offices, LLC to get in touch with an attorney. However, some people never even make it this far because they have some concerns or worries about the process. The following are a few of those concerns -- each of which is addressed in a way that should make seeking representation easier.

Concern #1: Does your injury really qualify?

Slip-and-fall cases and car accident cases are all over the media, which has led some people to mistakenly assume that these are the only legitimate personal injury cases. However, you may file a personal injury case against anyone in any industry -- as long as that person or company did something or failed to do something -- and that action or inaction led to your injury. Bicycle accidents, railroad accidents, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, defective product injuries, etc. are all common types of personal injury claims.

Concern #2: Will the money you collect be worth it?

When you file your personal injury case, you can absolutely sue for the amount of your medical bills and lost wages. No attorney would recommend suing for less than this, and a judge is unlikely to rule that you are due less than this total. What is more questionable is the money your attorney tacks on for pain and suffering. You may or may not get what you ask for, depending on the judge's stance. However, it's still worthwhile to file a case just to get your medical bills and lost wages covered. Look at the pain and suffering funds, if you do receive them, as a nice bonus.

Concern #3: What if you can't afford legal services?

So many people never meet with a personal injury lawyer because they fear they can't afford legal representation. However, this hinges on a misconception about the way that personal injury lawyers are paid. Usually, you don't pay anything until the case is over. If you win, the lawyer keeps a percentage of the money won. If you don't win, the lawyer does not get paid. 

Now that the concerns above have been cleared up, meet with a personal injury attorney to discuss your case