Can A Marriage Be Saved If A Husband Is Insecure And Cheats?

17 January 2018
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A happy marriage is built on trust, mutual affection, and attraction. Unfortunately, even a happy husband may find himself cheating on his wife if he is insecure. Trying to save a marriage after this betrayal can be hard but not impossible.

Insecurity Plagues Many Men

Understanding this situation requires grasping why so many men are insecure. Insecurity plagues more men than women realize. Even a confident and seemingly arrogant man may be insecure about his bald spot or feel like he is getting too old. Other men are plagued by insecurities caused by weight issues, past relationship failures, and much more.

Insecure men typically need a lot of reassurance and a lot of attention from their wives. Some may also be very sweet to their wives, and buy them flowers and other gifts. That's what is so shocking about these men cheating. They seem so happy and excited about their wives, but cheat on them anyway.

Cheating Can Be an Ego Boost

Insecure men who cheat often feel more confident, youthful, and sexy after they cheat on their wives. This fact is probably hard for a wife to face because it may make her feel like she has let her husband down. That is not necessarily the case. Sometimes, men who are insecure in a marriage reach out to other women as a way of tapping into the old sexual energy they had in their youth.

Even worse, this cheating behavior may make the man feel even worse about themselves. As a result, they may give into their cheating actions because they think they are a bad person. That kind of severe insecurity is something that may have ended a marriage early anyways. However, there are ways that a dedicated wife and an insecure husband can save their marriage.

Cheating Doesn't Have to End a Marriage

A wife that has been cheated on may feel like she has been betrayed beyond forgiveness. Many experts state that an affair can be the beginning of the end of an otherwise happy marriage. However, those women who want to save their marriage have a lot of work to do to not only forgive their husband, but also to ensure cheating never happens again.

First of all, the husband needs to go to therapy for his insecurities and take steps to be a stronger and happier person. These positive steps help to address the problems behind his cheating and can make him more open to a happy relationship with his wife. Next, couples' counseling can help to address the common anxiety and lack of trust caused by cheating.

If these steps cannot keep a wife happy or bridge her trust in her husband, it is probably best to talk to a divorce attorney right away. These legal experts can help both sides get through a divorce with as little pain and suffering as possible. To learn more, talk to companies like Karen Robins Carnegie PLC today.