How To Properly Handle Racial Discrimination At Work

15 November 2017
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Are you being discriminated against in the office because of your race? You may have recently started working a new job and were excited about the position until you realized some of your coworkers thought it was appropriate to treat you differently because of your race. Some of your coworkers may be harassing you, using racial slurs, and making you feel uncomfortable with their suggestive behavior. Not only do you have rights as an employee, but it's important for you to hold these individuals responsible for what they're doing.

Get Copies of All Evidence

If you've been harassed and threatened due to your race via emails, handwritten notes, and other means of communication, you'll need to make copies because this is information that can be used against the individuals who are treating you unfairly. Gather emails, take photos of any handwritten notes, and take screenshots of any texts or online messages written to you or about you and your racial background. Print this information out and make as many copies as you think you might need.

Talk to the Human Resources Director

When dealing with racial discrimination, it may help to speak to the human resources director for your place of employment. The human resources director is the person who is supposed to help handle these kinds of situations, confronting those who are participating in the racial discrimination. These individuals might be held responsible in a few different ways. They may be encouraged to take sensitivity training. If the problem is more severe, they may be suspended from work without pay until an investigation is performed to determine exactly what happened in the office. They could end up getting fired.

Work With a Civil Rights Attorney

If you don't feel like enough is being done to handle the situation and you'd like to file a lawsuit against these individuals or your place of employment because you feel like they let the situation slip under the rug instead of handling it in an appropriate way, you should hire a civil rights attorney like those at the Law Office of Faye Riva Cohen, P.C.

You must stand up for yourself and let these individuals know that racism isn't acceptable and won't be tolerated. You may have experienced a lot of emotional pain and suffering because of the things that were said and done to you while you were at work. Working with a civil right attorney gives you the best chance of fighting back and letting these people know they won't get away with their actions.

Unfortunately, racism does still exist in some environments. If you've had the unfortunate experience of dealing with racist individuals while trying to work, make a living, and do something you love, you have the right to fight back. Compile all of your evidence, talk to the human resources director, and work with a civil rights attorney who will stand by you through this process.