Drownings And Water-Related Injuries — What Everyone Needs To Know

22 November 2016
 Categories: Law, Blog

You may have never given thought to the possibility that you or someone in your family could be at risk for drowning or water-related injuries. This is because a number of people assume that as long as they can swim, they are not at risk for drowning. Knowing how to swim might reduce your chances of drowning, but certain circumstances could still put your life at risk. The following are a few things to be mindful of.

Neighborhood Pools

If there is a pool for residents in your neighborhood, you likely view it as a perk. It is possible that it is riddled with safety issues. For example, the pool might be open at times when there are not any lifeguards on duty. This means that inexperienced swimmers could get injured. There might also be repairs that are needed such as broken or loose dive boards or unclear markings for the depth of the pool. Perhaps you live in a subdivision and have a neighbor with a private pool. These pools can also be problematic if they are not fenced in or if swimming rules are lax. 

Lodging Establishments

You likely think about pool and spa areas when you think about accidental drownings and injuries in places such as hotels. However, it is important to keep in mind that unconscious individuals can drown in very small amounts of water. This means that a person could fall in a shower on the premises and drown as a result of being unconscious and not having anyone available to render aid. This is a problematic scenario and lodging establishments can be held liable if issues such as bathroom damages contribute to injuries or deaths of this type. These establishments must also close their pools if they are not in good working order. Otherwise, they could be held liable for injuries. 

Water Parks

No one expects an exciting day at a water park to turn into a life threatening situation. However, overcrowding and damaged attractions can cause the unfortunate to happen. Even if you are required to sign a waiver at the park, they could still be held liable if you are injured and negligence can be proven. For example, inadequate staffing could result in a drowning incident. Even if there is adequate staff, overcrowding could interfere with proper monitoring of patrons and cause a similar tragedy.

A personal injury attorney, such as Eric J. Moore Company, Attorneys At Law, is a good resource to use if you or loved one is injured in water-related accidents. They can also be used as a resource to determine if you have a strong wrongful death case.