About Getting Legal Help After A Nursing Home Neglects An Elderly Parent

13 July 2016
 Categories: Law, Blog

Did a recent visit to see your elderly parent in a nursing home result in you discovering that he or she has bed sores? If you suspect that your parent has been neglected by the nursing staff, assistance from an elder law attorney may be beneficial for getting to the bottom of the situation. Take a look at this article for more insight about the services that an elder law attorney can provide to help your parent receive justice.

Gather Information About Your Parent's Condition

Your attorney will ask you questions about your parent's overall health condition to start building the case. For instance, he or she might want to know how well your parent is able to move without assistance. Knowing how much mobility assistance your parent requires will give the attorney a general idea of the extent of negligence that is going on. You might also be asked if you have ever noticed bed sores on your parent in the past during his or her stay at the nursing home.

Determine What Causes Bed Sores

The attorney will do some research about the cause of bed sores to get evidence that shows your parent was being neglected. He or she will likely speak to several physicians about bed sores and get notarized documents on their view of why your parent has them. Be prepared to give the attorney photographs of the bed sores as evidence. The photographs can also prove which position your parent was left lying in the most based on where the sores are on his or her body.

Investigate the Nursing Home for Similar Cases

An investigation will be conducted by the attorney to determine if the nursing home has ever been sued for similar cases. The attorney will also investigate each nurse that is responsible for taking care of your parent. The investigations will give the attorney an idea of whether the nursing home should be sued alone, or if the focus should also be on a specific nurse. For instance, a nurse that was purposely negligent towards your parent can face criminal charges.

Request a Settlement from the Nursing Home

It is common for many nursing home disputes to be settled out of court, as it can be beneficial for all parties involved. Your attorney will contact the nursing home about your concerns and request that the situation is discussed during medication. If all goes well, it will be unnecessary for the case to be heard in court. Make an appointment to discuss your parent's bed sores with an elder law attorney as soon as you can.