Is Your Employer Trying To Claim Your On The Job Injury Is Age Related? Get A Lawyer Fast

28 June 2016
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Were you injured at work but your employer is trying to say that your injury is age related, not work related? If so, you want to hire a lawyer so you can get workers compensation for the time you have to miss work. You shouldn't have to go through your vacation days or sick time to help the injury heal, and you shouldn't have to go without pay.

When you head to meet with a lawyer to discuss your case, you want to be prepared. Prepare the following for your meeting so the lawyer can start working quickly.

Medical Evaluation

You have to go to the doctor to get a medical examination, and a statement that says you aren't capable of working. You should also ask that the statement include the following:

  • Diagnosis of your injury
  • Necessary treatment for the injury
  • Recovery time
  • Time needed off work
  • Cause of the injury

You may also be able to get the physician to dispute that the injury is age related, and that the injury was caused by the labor that you were doing.

Work Injury Report

Did you have to fill out a work injury report? What was included on the document? If you have a copy of the report it would be ideal, because the lawyer can see what the manager, supervisor or the company claimed was the cause of the accident. The lawyer may also use that person as a witness to the injury, and can ask that person to give a statement explaining if they think the injury was age related.

Detailed Expense Information

The medical costs may not be the only expenses you've encountered because of the injury. If you have other bills that resulted from the injury, along with late fees and missed payments, bring your lawyer that paperwork to go over.

Your lawyer will fight to get you the workers compensation that you need to pay all of your bills, and may be able to pursue a settlement saying that your injury is being pushed aside because of your age, and that the company is showing age discrimination. You want to meet with a lawyer as quickly as you can so you can get the case in the works, and you don't want to say anything or sign any paperwork with the legal team of your employer. You don't want to sign or say something that could put your case at risk. To learn more, visit a website like