About Getting SSDI Benefits When Restricted To A Wheelchair

2 September 2015
 Categories: Law, Blog

Are you restricted to a wheelchair after experiencing a vehicle accident and had to quit your job? If you don't have money to take care of your living expenses, you may want to apply for Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) benefits. Find out in this article why you should qualify for SSDI benefits due to your wheelchair restriction, as well as why it is ideal to hire a lawyer to assist with applying.

What Makes Wheelchair Restriction a Qualification for SSDI Benefits?

If you will have to use a wheelchair for the rest of your life, you already meet one of the requirements for SSDI benefits. Basically, you have to have a long-term disability to qualify for the benefits. Being restricted to a wheelchair also gets in the way with being able to find a job, especially one that you are comfortable with. Due to the difficulty of finding financial stability with your type of disability, you should qualify for SSDI.

The most important thing to do before you can get approved for SSDI benefits is have a sufficient amount of evidence for your condition. You shouldn't assume that you can get by just be showing that you sit in a wheelchair. You must have a document from your physician with details about your condition, such as why you are in a wheelchair and how long you will need it. It is in your best interest to apply with the help of a lawyer if you want to reduce the risk of getting denied.

Why Should a Lawyer Be Hired When Applying for SSDI Benefits?

Although a lawyers help is not mandatory when applying for SSDI benefits, you will have a better chance at getting approved. The lawyer will know the exact type of evidence that you need to prove that you are indeed in a financial bind because of your wheelchair restriction. He or she can also take all of the required documents to the Social Security Administration on your behalf. 

You can also count on the lawyer to help you in the event that your case is unfairly denied. He or she will show you how to contest the denial and request a hearing. The lawyer will argue your case during the hearing and get the denial overturned. Don't delay getting in touch with a lawyer (such as Bruce K Billman) so you can start the application process for SSDI benefits and get the money you need!