Accident Attorney: 2 Reasons You Need One If You're Injured As A Taxi Cab Passenger

14 April 2015
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A qualified car accident attorney is an invaluable resource for those who have been involved in any type of vehicular collision, but there's one area in particular where their expertise is absolutely essential: accidents involving taxi cabs. If you are involved in an accident in your own vehicle, insurance coverage is typically contingent on who was at fault. However, as a passenger in a taxi cab, insurance coverage and liabilities can become complex. The following article describes two ways an accident attorney can help in such situations.

Accidents With Multiple Injured Passengers

The most pressing issue in dealing with car accident claims as a passenger is when multiple passengers sustain injuries. Aside from the fact that you own car insurance provider isn't involved in the process, and you are essentially at the mercy of other people's insurance policies, there is another, greater concern you need to consider.

When multiple passengers sustain injuries, there is always the possibility that the drivers' insurance policies won't be sufficient to cover everyone's medical expenses. For instance, if the total medical expenses are $300,000, but the drivers' insurance policies only provide for a total of $200,000 in damage, then $100,000 of medical bills still need to be paid for.

Since you certainly aren't responsible for your injuries, is makes no sense that you should have to pay the medical expenses you incurred, but that is precisely what many must do when they forgo the assistance of an attorney. Conversely, having an accident attorney on your side introduces a few possibilities. You attorney can pursue the insurance company, the taxi cab company, or even the driver of the vehicle to ensure that your medical expenses and recovery costs are paid in full.

Collecting Damages From Multiple Or Underinsured/Uninsured Parties

Even if you were the only injured passenger in the accident, you have the right to collect damages to cover all of your medical expenses, and potentially more if you missed time from work or experienced other hardships. However, if you've never been injured in an accident as a passenger, the process can be a little tricky.

If both drivers are equally at fault, you might think that each is responsible for covering half of the expenses related to your injury. However, if either driver is uninsured, or underinsured, you might not know that you still have recourse.

Thankfully, experienced accident attorneys understand that your right to compensation is not limited to what a driver's insurance policy, or lack thereof, can or cannot provide. Rather, your attorney will ensure that you pay no out of pocket expenses for your injuries, even if that means demanding the full amount from one driver when the other has no, or insufficient, coverage. In many instances, your compensation will come from both drivers or their insurance companies, rather than just one party.

These are just two complexities involved in taxi cab accidents, but they illustrate just how important it is to enlist professional legal assistance if you've sustained injuries as a passenger in a taxi cab collision.