3 Situations To Hire A Real Estate Lawyer As A Commercial Property Owner

3 March 2019
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Your position as a commercial property owner can bring about challenges that regular property owners just do not have to typically face. Therefore, there can be a lot of situations when you will need to seek legal counsel. Finding a lawyer who is skilled in commercial real estate laws will be highly important if or when you do need legal assistance. Take a look at some of the situations when you may need the help of a commercial real estate attorney, like those represented at http://www. Read More 

Why People Get Prenuptials For Second Marriages

25 January 2019
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A prenuptial agreement is a legal contract that people often create before marriage, and these types of agreements are becoming very popular for people who are entering into second marriages. You do not have to legally get a prenup when getting married, but it can be very helpful, especially if this is your second marriage. What is a prenuptial agreement? A prenuptial agreement is a contract two people create prior to marriage that states how they will divide things if they divorce. Read More 

Arrested For A DUI? Know The Consequences You Might Face

15 December 2018
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When someone drinks or uses drugs and then operates a vehicle, they should understand what the potential penalties might be. Many people think that getting charged with a DUI is minor traffic offense, but most states now prosecute those offenses as a crime and a serious crime at that. While the exact punishments might vary depending on your state, it's helpful to find out what penalties might exist if you are convicted of this crime. Read More 

When Writing Your Will, Consider The Possibility Of Dying At The Same Time As Your Spouse

5 November 2018
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When you're married and decide that writing your will would be an important financial step to take, you might decide to keep things simple and leave your entire inheritance to your spouse. Many people take this approach, but making this decision doesn't necessarily mean that it's time to tuck your will away and forget about it. You need to consider the possibility of dying at the same time as your spouse. Read More 

Hire An Experienced Courtroom Personal Injury Attorney To Handle Your Automobile Personal Injury Claim

28 September 2018
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When you've been involved in a motor vehicle accident and you sustain injuries, your rights will best be protected by a seasoned personal injury attorney with plenty of courtroom experience. Courtroom experience is a must as your attorney prepares for a trial. So right at the outset following your accident, hire a personal injury attorney. It's best not to speak to insurance companies until you have a personal injury attorney. However, you can report the accident to the insurance provider but give no statements to insurance agents or adjusters until your attorney gives you approval to speak with them. Read More