Is Your Aging Parent in a Nursing Home and Getting Poor Care? What to Do

28 February 2017
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If your aging parent has bed sores, scratches, and other bothersome markings on their skin, its time to hire a lawyer. When a person isn't moved, helped, and treated like they need to be, this can lead to a lot of injuries, and this isn't uncommon in a nursing home.

Your parent may be neglected by the staff, and the staff may not be properly trained. Here are a few of the things that you want to talk with a lawyer about when you sit down for a meeting to discuss your parent.

Photographic Evidence of Neglect

You want to get photographic evidence of the neglect that your parent is going through and the type of sores and other injuries they have. You should be able to get pictures when you are alone with them at the nursing home, along with a written statement from your parent about how they are being treated by their care takers.

Medical Proof of Treatment

If your parent had to get a prescription medication to treat the injuries they have from the neglect, or if they had to see a doctor, you want to have the statement from their visit. This will show that a medical professional had to address their neglect, that you had to seek medical treatment, and that it cost you money and time.

Staff Information

Write down the name of the staff that are caring for your parent, the specific workers that have been causing pain, and any other information that is relevant. If you have a specific situation that concerns you with the conditions of the facility, then you'll want to include that as well. You have to be specific in your case and descriptions of the staff and what happened at that time.

If you know that your parents aren't getting the care and treatment that they are paying for, and now they are injured and have medical problems because of it, you want to talk with a lawyer that specializes in nursing homes. There are a lot of things that you can go wrong when you have to trust your parent in the care of others, and you don't want to risk that something terrible happens to your parent because you didn't get them the help that they needed. Click this link for more information and to find a lawyer and start to plead your case to see if you can put a lawsuit together.